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Parent Involvement Plan

Atoka Elementary School Parent Involvement Plan

Dr. Rebekah Byrd, Principal

Rob Dawson, Assistant Principal

Marilyn Russell, Assistant Principal


P – Partner together in your child's learning.

A Attitude of acceptance for who your child is.

R – Remember to encourage your child everyday.

E – Exercise your right to expect the best.

N – Never give up on your child.

T Tell your child that he/she is loved.

S Smile-your child is very special.


   I.            Purpose of the Parent Involvement Plan

Atoka Elementary, administrators, teachers, parents, and the community believe that the education of children is a shared responsibility and that we all work together to make decisions about the education of our students.  At Atoka Elementary we are fully aware that together, parents and families are children’s first teachers and throughout the life of the students, they will take on the role of educator.  Atoka Elementary is committed to increasing stronger connections between the school, home, and community, to promoting and encouraging academic achievement for every student, and improving the quality of life for the students, their families, and the community as a whole.  Through open communication Atoka Elementary wishes to create a climate that promotes trust that will support parent involvement.  The following plan outlines a solid format that will create the highest standards of learning for all students.


II.            School Meetings

Meetings are held for parents to ask questions and receive information regarding policies of the school, procedures of the classroom, and what is expected of the child.  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend open House.  Open House will be held on two separate nights: one for grades 1-2 and another for grades 3-5.  PreK and Kindergarten parents will be invited to attend an orientation to learn about ATES policies and procedures.  All parents will have the opportunity to volunteer and be involved in learning communities that work together to promote academic success.  Parents are always welcome to make suggestions, request meetings, and make decisions which have a direct impact on the education of our students. 


III.            Home/School Communication

We recognize the importance of communication through newsletters, school meetings, progress reports, report cards, school website, conferences, agenda books, personal appointments, and emails.  We will have open and honest communication between all stakeholders because the success of our students is dependent upon distributing and discussing any information regarding them.


IV.            Partners in Education

In an effort to develop this partnership in the education of the students at Atoka Elementary School, a Home/School Success Compact is in place to share responsibility among administrators, parents, teachers, and students.  The success of students depends on all stakeholders being involved to ensure that every student masters achievement through high quality instruction in a safe environment that is conducive to learning.


  V.            Continuous Parent Involvement

Our vision is to involve all parents in the education of their children.  We will always have an open door policy that will continue to encourage, support, and promote participation of our parents in all committees and other school events.  The relationship that is formed through the home/school success compact will promote a healthy learning experience that will continue to increase this home/school connection.


The above Parent Involvement Plan has been set forth by the Atoka Elementary School community to enhance the educational experience and promote a quality education that will improve the success of all students involved.


Next revision date: August 2013