TRACK Program


To help promote positive behavior at Atoka Elementary School, we will implement
a school-wide reward program
.   T.R.A.C.K. (“Tremendous, Respectful, and
Courteous Kids”)
will recognize those students who maintain good behavior.
All teachers at ATES will follow this system. The points students accumulate
will determine the conduct grade on their
progress report and report card as well
as if they qualify for the T.R.A.C.K. rewards held at the end of the nine-week
period. Below is the daily point system that will be used:

S- = 1 point            N = 2 points          U = 3 points



4½ weeks point totals for progress report purposes:

0 – 5 points for the 4 ½ week period = S on progress report

6-10 points for the 4 ½ week period = N on progress report

11+ points for the 4 ½ week period = U on progress report


End of nine-week point totals for report card purposes:

0 – 10 points for the 9 week period = S on report card

11 – 20 points for the 9 week period = N on report card (no TRACK)

21+ points for 9 week period = U on report card (no TRACK)


To attend reward activity:

1) No office referrals – bus or school

2) Must have an S in conduct on the report card (which includes related arts classes)

3) No cafeteria or early duty misconduct