Summer Reading Challenge

                                                                                                             Summer Reading Challenge

                                                                         Atoka Elementary



“Did you know that by the fourth grade less than 33% of children in the United States are reading at or above grade level? This staggering statistic inspired the experts at Sylvan Learning to create a free, online resource to encourage young people to read more.”


We are encouraging our students and families to use as a home reading program and

READ, READ, READ this summer!

How Book Adventure Works:

  1. Explore the site:
  2. Create an account with user name and password: Register to sign up – select “Kid’s Zone” and then “Register for Book Adventure.”
  3. Select the green tab “I want to register to use Book Adventure at HOME.”
  4. Children search for books to read in the Book Finder.
  5. They read books and then go back online to take quizzes.
  6. Once they successfully pass quizzes they earn points toward prizes, motivating them to read more.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6.
  8. **Parents can track a student's progress via reports.
  9. A suggested summer reading list is provided.

**Parents/guardians must register for Book Adventure so they can approve the prizes and review their child’s progress.

Get started today on your Summer Reading Adventure - Register now!