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Supply Lists 2017-2018

*All Clothing MUST be knee length
* NO low riding or holes in pants are allowed.
*Rolling backpacks are NOT permitted at ATES.
NEW Student Registration will be held on July 25th, 2017

Kindergarten Supplies
1 backpack (able to hold a 3-ring binder)
1 fabric zipper pouch with clear front (3 holes)    
4 24-count boxes of Crayola crayons
1-inch binder with clear cover and inside pockets
1 standard size plastic pencil box
2 highlighters     
1 box yellow #2 pencils (12-count)
1 pair of Fiskars blunt scissors
1 pack washable markers
12 jumbo glue sticks      
1 water colors (for art class)
1 composition book (wide rule)
1 plastic pocket folder with brads
1 25 pack of  plastic page protectors
2 kindergarten tablets (purchase at school - $2.50 each)
School Agenda Book ($6.00-purchase at school)
1 primary writing journal ($4.00-purchase at school)
Expo dry erase markers
quart and gallon Ziploc bags

white cardstock
colored copy paper (not construction paper)
washable markers
clorox wipes
individually wrapped treats/small toys for treasure box

1st Grade Supplies
1 plastic supply box                    
1 pack of index cards
2 boxes 24-count #2 nonmechanical pencils       
3 boxes 24-count crayons  (one is for art class)
1 pair of Fiskars pointed scissors
8 glue sticks             
2 spiral notebooks (wide rule)
1 pk. clear page protectors           
1 pack multi-color highlighters (at least 3 highlighters)
3 plastic folders with pockets - no brads
2 one-inch  or 1 1/2" white binders with clear cover
2 big erasers     
1 pack of dry erase markers
1 clear front flat zipper pouch with three holes
School Agenda Book ($6.00-purchase at school)
2 first grade tablets ($2.50 each - purchase at school)
1 journal ($4.00-purchase at school)
1 reading workbook ($2.00-purchase at school)
1 English workbook ($8.00 purchase at school)
Donations/ wishlist:
colored copy paper, germ-x, bandaids,
2"  masking tape , baby wipes,
white / colored cardstock, gallon,quart, snack size ziplocs,
clorox wipes, kleenex, command strips

2nd Grade Supplies
2 large glue sticks        
1 pack of black dry erase markers
1 pair of scissors   
1 pk. page protectors      
1 clipboard                
2 boxes of yellow pencils (nonmechanical) 20+ per pack
2 - 24-count boxes of crayons       
3 wide ruled composition books
1 pack of colored pencils

1 plastic pocket folder with brads
1 plastic pocket folder without brads 
 1 school box 
1 pk. multi-colored highlighters
1 box Crayola markers (for art class)
2 - 1" binders with clear cover    
2 packs wide-ruled notebook paper
1  zipper pouch with clear front for viewing
School Agenda Book  ($6.00-purchase at school)
1 reading workbook ($2.00-purchase at school)
1 Grammar workbook ($8.00 purchased at school)

wide masking tape, 

index cards, colored copy paper, paper towels, ziploc bags, Clorox wipes, Baby Wipes, Command Strips, batteries, Kleenex, bandaids

3rd Grade Supplies
1 pair of scissors           
2 packs of yellow highlighters        

4 jumbo glue sticks        
4 regular glue sticks (for art class)
2 boxes crayons                      
1 supply box      

1- 1 1/2" binder with clear pocket cover & inside pockets
1 clipboard         
1 4-pack black dry erase markers

4 spiral notebooks            
2 packs wide rule notebook paper              
 1 thesaurus   
4 composition notebooks

4 pks. of #2 pencils-prefer Ticonderoga
1 box of Crayola colored pencils        
2 pks. of cap erasers

1/2" binder (any color)           
1 pack clear sheet protectors
2 folders with pockets (no brads) hole punched to go in binder
2 folders with brads and pockets               
1 3-hole zipper pouch for binder 
School Agenda Book ($6.00-purchase at school)
Scholastic Storyworks ( $9.00-purchase at school)

bandaids, baby wipes, 3x5 index cards,
sharpies (any color), command strips, germ-x, paper towels,
gallon and quart ziplocs, clorox wipes, 
kleenex, colored copy paper

4th Grade Supplies
5 pks. of #2 pencils - (1 for art class)          
1 - 5-subject spiral wide rule notebook            
1 pair of
2 pks. wide rule notebook paper     
1" binder with clear pocket front, back cover & inside pockets
Dry erase markers
2 boxes of crayons              
1 pk. washable markers
1 small dictionary
7 composition books (not a spiral)    
1 pack of graph paper
1 pack cap erasers        
1 clipboard      
1 small pack of page protectors
1 pk. multi-colored highlighters    
12 glue sticks         
1 pad of post-it notes
1 pack of white cardstock
1 3-hole zipper pouch for binder
1 small, handheld non-battery operated pencil sharpener
1 Reading workbook ($3.00-purchase at school)
School Agenda Book ($6.00-purchase at school)

expo cleaning wipes/spray, bandaids, 
small prizes/candy for treat box, paper towels, kleenex, 
colored copy paper, gallon and quart Ziplocs,
colored cardstock, germ-x, command strips, 
antibacterial wet ones wipes, batteries

5th Grade Supplies
1  clipboard
2" binder with clear pocket cover and inside pockets
2 packs of dry erase markers
5 composition notebooks     
1 pack of multicolored highlighters
8 glue sticks 
1 pack of index cards
24 #2 pencils (replenish throughout year)
2 packs wide rule notebook paper 
1  pair of scissors              
1 pack Crayola colored pencils
1  3-hole zipper pouch for binder
2 handheld pencil sharpeners
1 package of plastic sheet protectors
School Agenda Book ($6.00-purchase at school)
1 science workbook ($6.00-purchase at school)

kleenex, post it notes, colored copy paper, pencils, cap erasers, bandaids, quart and gallon ziploc bags, 
cleaning wipes

Nurse (clinic) donations: 
reusable ice packs, kleenex,
clorox wipes, bandaids, new boy/girl underwear, baby wipes,
ziploc bags, hand soap

Related Arts Donations:
Art Class: Germ X, erasers, baby wipes, paper plates, empty paper towel rolls, masking tape

PE/Health:  Germ X , Kleenex, baby wipes, bandaids, clorox wipes

Computer Class:  Germ X, Kleenex

Music Class: Germ X, pencils, paper

Library Class: Kleenex, pencils

Guidance Class:  Sticky notes, index cards, note pads of any size